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Alberto Cartier, BBA

  • Coach, mentor, author, entrepreneur, polyglot

  • Bachelor of Business Administration from the European University of Lisbon and Madrid

  • Master in Coaching and Personal Growth

  • Faculty of Neurolinguistic Programming

  • Certificate in Methodology of Behavior D.I.S.C.

  • Hypnosis Expert

  • Systemic Facilitator (Family and organizational constellations)

  • Regression Facilitator

  • Mindfulness and meditation instructor

  • Author of the Amazon bestseller "My True Wealth", where, in a practical and realistic way, I accompany you step by step to set and achieve your goals.

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In 2016 I began my journey in personal growth, with the arrival of two coaches at one of my companies. I fell in love with the process, I realized that it more than filled the void I had simply by accumulating things, and I decided to specialize and make it compatible with my work as a simultaneous translator and entrepreneur. In a two-year process, I finished my master's degree in personal growth and continued forming myself, as I continue now, because this path is already for a lifetime. I am like you, I have good days and bad days, I am more or less motivated, I get more or less angry, there are days when I am sad and others happy. I believe that we are all on the same path, we are all mirrors and we are going through the same thing.


Some of us have decided (or discovered) that our mission in life is to help others to travel the paths we have already traveled, but each one in their own way. With that empathy, with that knowledge that we are all the same, that we all have pain, joys, sorrows, sorrows, successes and failures, I accompany and help my clients to have the life they want to have. I consider myself an existential therapist, but since that sounds a bit mystical to some, what I explain is on board, With all the tools at my disposal, dealing with the client from a complete point of view, since everything is related, and, furthermore, in a completely practical way, coaching focuses on achieving results. The process is relatively simple, although laborious, since the results are achieved throughout the sessions, although it is true that it begins to be noticed from the first. My training allows me to carry out the sessions in Spanish, English or Portuguese.


I love to read, run and do calisthenics, watch series and chat. My passion is interesting talks with interesting people. One of my goals for 2023 is to run the 100Km in Segovia. 100 km in one day, you can follow me on TikTok and Instagram to see my progress, because I, like you, also have my challenges

The service I offer is the following:

The service I offer is the following:
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