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The 5th edition of Amarte Más is here!

We are pleased to present to you, this coming Saturday, March 11, 2023, the 5th edition of our "Amarte Más" event. Get ready for an immersive cognitive-behavioral experience aimed at ladies, gentlemen and couples where our Mentes Saludables specialists will address the following topics through various techniques: This event will be conducted in Spanish

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Mentes Saludables presents:

Learn to heal and be unstoppable!

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Get ready to receive an immersive, humanistic, cognitive behavioral experience from the

Dr. Martinez and the group of specialists and professionals from Mentes Saludables. Aimed at ladies, gentlemen and couples.

Step 1: Self-knowledge.

The importance of knowing ourselves. Working with the strengths model and identifying emotional wounds.

Presented by Dr. Naylu Martinez

Step 2: Healthy Identity

Learn to build the characteristics of your personality. Realize how you have treated your inner child, so you will be able to integrate it into the adult you are today. 

Step 3: Heal the relationship with my Parents

We did not choose our parents, perhaps we were given very old parents to teach us basic aspects of our lives, very young parents without emotional maturity to raise, parents with emotional or mental illnesses, parents with a lack of social skills or, on the contrary, healthy parents who they gave everything and made us overdeserving. Learn to identify and heal that relationship with your parents.