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Nutritional Coaching


Consultation with individualized attention and advice, aimed at people who wish to improve their general health, lifestyle habits, improve digestion, reduce stress, increase their energy and longevity, health markers, achieve a healthy weight and/or a better relationship with themselves, their image and food. Tools are provided to the person who eats, where they can identify their goals and challenges, build strategies and reprogram their beliefs. Establishing new life habits in a sustainable and practical way to a life of greater Well-being. Different techniques approved by science are combined in the areas of coaching, nutrition, psychology, PN1, medicine, neurosciences, education, physical education, according to the needs of each client.


The sessions will be held online with support via email.

Duration: First session 45 maximum 60 minutes. Successive, between 30 maximum 45 minutes.

Recommended number of sessions: Varies for each patient, their goals, resources and supports they have, a minimum of 65 days is recommended where sustainable results will be observed in reference to the establishment of new habits. Which would be a package of 3 or 6 sessions.

First consultation (90 minutes). Personalized attention by a professional with experience in health and nutrition.

Review of the history of health and nutrition.

Setting goals and objectives.

Preparation of a personalized eating plan, based on established objectives and goals. (Delivered in PDF form)

Determination of additional data (health questionnaires, social nutrition, support networks, among others as required). Resources provided in PDF format.

Suggestions on exams and supplements.

Conclusions and summary of the session. (sent by mail)

Second consultation (90 minutes). Review of the results of the questionnaires.

Review of the objectives and strategies proposed based on the results obtained.

Adjust meal plan as needed.

Workbook (if applicable)

Review of recommended exams.

Conclusions and summary of the session. (sent by mail)

Follow-up consultation (45 minutes) review of the strategy register and workbook.

Clarify any doubts that arise.

Meal plan adjustments if necessary.

Review and adjustment of strategies and establish new habits according to the progress made.

Conclusions and summary of the session. (sent by mail)

Nutritional Coaching is provided by
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Marialejandra Mabulli Health & Nutrition Coach MD, Pn1 located in Florida
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