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Organizational Coaching

Organizational coaching aims to transform organizations through their collaborators to get them to expand their potential and obtain results for the company. Organizational coaching focuses on transforming companies internally through their collaborators. It focuses on two main lines, the first is focused on observing the dynamics of the teams and the second on the role of the leader to determine the main situations that are impacting the organizational climate.

On the other hand, the behaviors of the management team are also analyzed and help them to understand realities that sometimes they are not seeing. On many occasions, part of the problem lies in the fact that the day-to-day of the employee does not coincide with that of the superior command, generating discrepancies and toxic resentments that hinder the proper functioning of the company. The coach provides them with the appropriate support so that they can develop each competence, reflect consistently, change negative habits and reinforce their role as leaders.


* Improve communication between employees as well as share knowledge, experiences and skills in favor of a richer and more competitive company culture.
* Improve relationships between employees and work teams.
* Develops the skills of employees, as it instills confidence and motivation, as well as teaching techniques, attitudes and behaviors.
* Increases performance, since it focuses on the effectiveness of the collaborator in his current position, but also opens a vision towards the future, preparing them for changes in the short and medium term.
* Seeks to find a balance between professional life and job happiness.
* Support in the transition of organizational changes and transformations.

Organizational coaching consult provided by:
Doménica Ardizone.png
Doménica Ardizzone Psychologist, Certified Professional Coach located in Spain
Objectives Achievement

Goal attainment refers to the process of setting specific goals and actively working to achieve them. It involves identifying what you want to accomplish, developing an action plan, and taking steps to make progress toward that goal. It can be applied in various areas of life, such as education, professional career, personal finances, health, interpersonal relationships, among others.

Goal achievement is important because it provides direction and purpose to our actions. By setting clear and achievable goals, we motivate ourselves and focus on working towards their achievement. In addition, it allows us to measure and evaluate our progress, which helps us stay on track and make adjustments if necessary.

Some key steps to achieve objectives are:

1. Set clear goals: Define precisely what you want to achieve. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound (SMART).
2. Develop an action plan: Create a detailed plan that tells you what steps you need to take to reach your goal. Break the goal down into smaller tasks and set realistic deadlines for each one.
3. Stay Motivated: Find ways to keep your motivation high. You can use techniques like visualizing your success, celebrating milestones in between, or seeking support from family, friends, or mentors.
4. Take action: Take concrete actions towards your goal. Commit to following your action plan and face any challenges or obstacles that may come along the way.
5. Evaluate and adjust: Regularly review your progress and make adjustments if necessary. Analyze what is working and what is not, and adapt your plan accordingly. Learn from mistakes and look for opportunities for improvement.
6. Persist and be resilient: The achievement of objectives can involve challenges and difficulties. It is important to maintain perseverance and resilience in the face of obstacles, learn from negative experiences, and maintain the determination to move forward.

Remember that each person has different goals and the process of achieving goals may vary depending on individual circumstances. The bottom line is setting meaningful goals and working consistently toward achieving them.

Objective Achievement consult is provided by:
Professional career re-design

"You can love your professional career all your life, what is important is to identify when you have to turn it around and continue loving it or say goodbye to it lovingly and give way to other talents." Dominica Ardizzone

I accompany you to discover your talents and abilities to design or refocus your career shining from what you do have and can. Regardless of where you are, it makes sense to start by asking yourself; How much can you need or want to change.? Like most things, change occurs to varying degrees, and career changes can range from small role changes, such as changing tasks or focus within your current job, to substantial career transitions, such as reinventing yourself, switching to a new industry or embark on a new profession or a new venture.

Psychology has identified a range of fairly universal career needs that can help you assess where your talents can best be deployed. There is always a tension or trade-off between different values, so a good starting point is to ask yourself what you value most.

What can you achieve with our sessions?

You will be able to DEVELOP YOUR POTENTIAL by identifying your strengths and areas for improvement. To SHORTEN THE LEARNING CURVE and thus ADVANCE IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL CAREER by designing your own itinerary and identifying the key positions in your development as well:

* Identify your strengths to enhance them and place them where they shine.
* Validate if you are passionate about what you are doing professionally or need to change it.
* Design your own career without others having the power to do so.
* Re-direct what you are doing.
* Discover what beliefs limit you to move forward.
* Boost your professional career.
* Connect your passion.
* Find your self-esteem.
* Deciding to start a business.
* Give yourself permission to explore other talents.

In short, prepare to find various possibilities that are aligned with your potential with a specific, achievable and methodical action plan. Let yourself be accompanied... your potential does not wait, boost it starting today.

Professional career re-design is provided by:
Doménica Ardizone.png
Doménica Ardizzone Psychologist, Certified Professional Coach located in Spain
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