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Presentation of Services and Projects. 

Presented by: Elías Gautier & Dr. Naylu Martinez

Introduction to the concept of "Mentes Saludables" and its importance and impact in the Hispanic American community in the field of emotional health. 

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What is Mentes Saludables?

Mentes Saludables (Healthy Minds) is a multidisciplinary group of professionals which includes physicians, clinical psychologists, psychological counselors, clinical social workers, sexologists, music therapists and life coaches located in various countries, who provide services. face-to-face and online using the tele-health concept. Our professionals are located in Puerto Rico, Central Florida, Hawaii, Chile, Mexico and Spain. We are proud to be a concept aimed at Mental Health developed and created in Puerto Rico. 

Mentes Saludables has the mission of promoting psychosocial clinical services to enhance the mental health and emotional well-being of people throughout their life cycle (childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood and old age) contributing to comprehensive development to make our lives more healthier, fuller and more satisfying. 

Dr. Naylu Martinez, director of, like the group of therapists and specialists, believes in the importance of psychoeducation in various areas for better decision-making, emotion management, conflict resolution, and improvement of your physical and psychosocial health. Our vision is to raise awareness about the importance of prevention and monitoring of mental and emotional health, understanding our emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviors, in order to strengthen the biopsychosocial nature of the human being. Our goal is to be able to provide services to Hispanic patients and communities in Puerto Rico, the US, Central America, South America, and Europe starting with Spain, hand in hand with select professionals who are constantly updated to provide you with the best service online or in person.  

Services offered by Mentes Saludables. 

Mentes Saludables services are based on the cognitive behavioral and humanistic model. Patients are cared for in online consultations and for the moment, in-person consultations are also offered in Puerto Rico. Among the services offered are individual, couples, family and group therapies. Emphasis is given to topics such as emotional improvement, nutrition, preventive advice for cardiac events, leadership and mentoring, sexological consultation, attention to migrants, music therapy for patients with dementia, among others.

  • Since its inauguration, Mentes Saludables has had more than 20,500 visits.

  • Services have been provided to more than 600 people. 

  • The "Amarte Más" event is in its fifth edition.

  • Service has been provided in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Spain, London, and South America.

Where are we headed?

Our goal is to make Mentes Saludables a "household brand" within mental health needs, first for the Hispanic Latino market, while introducing the concept to the Anglo-American market. Mentes Saludables has the necessary characteristics to work at that level and every day the group of professionals will continue to grow, which strengthens and enriches the quality of our services and their availability. 

Our affiliations. 

Teamwork is essential. Therefore, we recognize that all our hard work is only part of the vision of different entities, which without planning it, have prepared to arrive today to work together for the same purpose. Each of the affiliates with whom we work provide years of experience, trajectory,   quality service, marketing networks, public relations and connections, which make it possible for us to reach the goal together.



We currently have the support and sponsorship of the Orlando Florida University System. We feel very grateful that we are considered "pioneers within clinical social work in tele-health services with remote professionals globally.



It is a privilege to be part of this group of entrepreneurs, developers and visionaries who we had the opportunity to share and meet at the recent women's exhibition held on December 14. This participation gave us the privilege of expanding our list of referrals and establishing new business relationships aimed at the same end, emotional health. 



Mrs. Palmira Ubiñas, founder of AIPEH, is working together with Gautier & Associates in order to continue developing services and concepts that provide the community with emotional health through the use of arts. With this in mind, we will soon begin to develop and update the "Art for Healing" movement. 



Directed by its current president, Hector Perdomo, its focus is to maintain the values and principles for which Dr. Naismith invented the sport we know today as Basketball. Healthy Minds joins the NIBF with the goals of implementing mental health through sport, a way that will impact dozens of young people in general. 

Projects, Concepts and Events


Important data about the event

  • Date of the event. Saturday January 28, 2023

  • Place. Activity room of Ana G. Méndez University System in Orlando Fl

  • Audience of 60 face-to-face box offices and from 100 to 500 box offices for the live broadcast by ZOOM

  • Hours from 2pm to 8pm

  • Formal presentation of the complete group of therapists and health professionals of Mentes Saludables

In a few words, Amarte Más is a workshop dedicated to providing recommendations, teachings, strategies and techniques using the cognitive behavioral therapy method, seeking a healthy mental state. Mental health has become a conscious necessity during these times since the pandemic and the number of cases of people suffering from mental health problems is alarming.


The workshop is accompanied by a great afternoon with good music, a good atmosphere, dinner, a workshop where attendees will build their own floral decorations and a meeting between people that will foster a positive attitude, encouraging them to move forward and overcome problems that they do not
They let you prosper.

Currently, we have the support and sponsorship of the Ana G. Méndez University System of Orlando, Florida. We are very grateful that we are considered "pioneers in clinical social work in tele-health services with remote professionals globally."


It is an honor to receive these words and it confirms the fruits of our hard work since the inauguration of the Mentes Saludables system 2 years ago.

Images of Amarte Más del 2021 held at Hacienda Campo Rico in Carolina Puerto Rico.

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Together with Ms. Aquart, our goal is to implement mental health services for the rehabilitation of the community that has served time in prison systems, that needs help and advice with their integration into the community,  a detachment from medications and prescriptions which they had access to during their time in prison, and now by not having them, they create a negative dependency that keeps them  at a precarious level.

This is a high priority situation. Taking into account the positive development of these people in order to correctly integrate them into the society is a key element in both the Hispanic and Anglo-American communities, which is why we will have Ms. Aquart as a possible integration into the Mentes Saludables group and the first in offering services to the community in English. 

AIPEH logo oficial.png


The association of Hispanic writers and poets founded by Mrs. Palmira Ubiñas has dedicated itself for the last 15 years to maintaining, developing and promoting the arts in the Hispanic and international community. Within the services of AIPEH is "The Arts for Healing" which for the last 8 years has been dedicated to providing care to battered women, minors exposed to domestic violence and people under a state of depression.

Healthy Minds will work together with Mrs. Ubiñas to update, improve and develop in a more optimal, interactive and comprehensive way, integrating emotional health with the group of therapists to the concept of "The Arts to Heal You". Part of the update is the individual evaluation of each patient with a view to cataloging in which artistic medium the patient shows a higher level of control, development and talent. Said evaluation allows the patient to be directed to work with an artist who is characterized by the type of art selected and who works together with the professionals of Mentes Saludables, not only a group program, but also an individual one for the emotional improvement of each patient.  

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Under the presidency of Mr. Hector Perdomo, the NIBF maintains the legacy of the founder and creator of the sport of Basketball, Dr. Naismith. The NIBF's goal is to continue the original purpose of basketball which was created to provide support and create teamwork. Similarly, caring for the emotional state was an important piece for Dr. Naismith, so now, Mentes Saludables is developing an alliance with the NIBF to provide emotional health services to the community, integrating sports, which opens another gap in exposure to market. 

Amarte Más the Weekend 2022.png


The concept of the Amarte Más event for a full weekend. A retreat dedicated to the improvement, empowerment, actualization and firm development of emotional health. The concept consists of workshops, speeches  by the group of professionals plus special guests, gala dinners and the enjoyment of the amenities provided by the venue or location where it is held. The goal is to celebrate the first one in Puerto Rico as a pilot project to later offer to companies and private groups. 

Propuesta Corporativa. .jpg


Mentes Saludables is preparing to provide a service aimed at companies with a high number of employees. It focuses on an evaluation of labor personnel with a view to detecting psychological, emotional, social and physical factors that force or cause an employee to leave their position. Said evaluation is delivered with a report and suggestions to the company to develop, update, adopt or make changes in its employment policies, human relations management and the recognition of the labor community of an employer who cares about the well-being of its employees resulting in in a minimum level of job abandonment and in the improvement of training and continuous hiring costs thanks to a healthier and more stable retention level. 

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Owner & President of Gautier & Associates LLC
Administrator of

With the hard work and development now, we have a concept that has the qualities of providing a fresh, updated and beneficial service to the community, apart from generating jobs and growth opportunities in different locations. If you are interested in a financial breakdown of Mentes Saludables, a more formal and technical meeting is scheduled. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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