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What will you learn in the diploma? 
  • Learn to identify how to use your self-esteem, self-concept, your self-assessment.

  • Identify the emotional intelligence you need in order to have better control and management of your patients and at the same time, protect your emotional state by preventing being affected personally with what you hear from your patients.

  • Learn to manage anxiety in your intervention processes, anxiety with your family processes, anxiety in your success processes.

  • Identify better strategies to use mindfulness with yourself, in your work, and personal life.

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Dr Carlo Blanco
Dr. Naylu Martinez

Training aimed at social workers, psychologists, counselors and mental health professionals to protect their emotional state while they work. 16 hours of continuing education, 8 online meetings of 2 hours. With the AVAL of Florida Global University

Week 1

  • Emotional intelligence.

  • Definition of self-sabotage. How does it manifest and why do we self-sabotage? 

  • Savior syndrome.

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Week 2

  • Self-esteem - self-image - self-concept.

  • What prevents us from setting clear limits?

  • Benefits of placing limits.

  • Imposter syndrome.

  • Childhood wounds: betrayal, abandonment, humiliation.

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Week 3

  • Grief.

  • Migratory grief and adaptation.

  • Anxiety and anxiety management.

  • Exercise of rational emotional therapy and unique method of calm.

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Week 4

  • Meditation and Mindfulness.

  • What is mindfulness?

  • Usefulness of mental and emotional health contexts.

  • Gratitude.

  • Journaling. How to take advantage of it?

  • Forgiveness exercises.

  • Self-care recommendations.

  • Group medical hypnosis exercises.

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Each diploma has only 15 spaces. 
Cost of the diploma: $600.00 USD 
Reserve your space here. Classes start soon:
Download the brochure here for more information.
The Brochure and diploma will be conducted in Spanish.
We will notify you once the diploma is available in English.
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