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Psicosocial elderly evaluation

Through a personalized, individual service and respecting the autonomy of the participant, an online session is carried out under the cognitive-behavioral modality, which allows the elderly to vent, clarify thoughts of anguish and/or anxiety, also carrying out a work plan where their physical and social needs are met.


In recent years, an international consensus has been achieved on some of the social determinants of health in the elderly. These include demographic factors, socioeconomic status, psychosocial factors such as adaptability and stress, as well as the individual's social capital. The evidence of the relationship between these factors and the health status of older adults is extensive, although these issues are still important for international researchers. Below we present a summary of the meaning of each of these factors for the comprehensive assessment of the elderly. During the session, emotional and psychosocial aspects are evaluated, such as the presence of family resources, quality of housing, cognitive aspects, judgment, among others.

Psicosocial elderly evaluation is provided by:
Dr. Naylu Martinez MD, MSW located in Puerto Rico
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