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Mentes Saludables presents:

Learn to heal and be unstoppable!

The 5th edition of Amarte Más is here!

We are pleased to present to you, this coming Saturday, January 28, 2023, the 5th edition of our "Amarte Más" event. Get ready for an immersive cognitive-behavioral experience aimed at ladies, gentlemen and couples where our Mentes Saludables specialists will address the following topics through various techniques:

Step 1: Self-knowledge.

The importance of knowing ourselves. Working with the strengths model and identifying emotional wounds.

Presented by Dr. Naylu Martinez

Step 2: Healthy Identity

Learn to build the characteristics of your personality. Realize how you have treated your inner child, so you will be able to integrate it into the adult you are today. 

Step 3: Heal the relationship with my Parents

We did not choose our parents, perhaps we were given very old parents to teach us basic aspects of our lives, very young parents without emotional maturity to raise, parents with emotional or mental illnesses, parents with a lack of social skills or, on the contrary, healthy parents who they gave everything and made us overdeserving. Learn to identify and heal that relationship with your parents.

Presented by Lcda. Solymar Montero

Step 4: Self-acceptance

We will focus on 5 steps.

  • Dot not compare yourself to anyone.

  • Don't be obsess with you physical appearance.

  • Develop you own style.

  • Learn to say NO when necessary.

  • We create constructive criticism on ourselves.

Presented by Dr Celia Rivera

Step 5: Healing complexes and labels

Does your life depend on someone else's views of you?

Presented by Lcda Ximena Oropeza

Step 6: I believe in myself, and I launch myself to fulfill my Dreams and Goals

You will take control of your fears and how they act on you. You will see how great it is to turn those fears into motivating emotions, into the adrenaline necessary for the changes you need in your life.

Presented by Psic. Doménica Ardizzone

Step 7: Creating healthy relationships

We will work with respect for myself first, which I am capable of accepting and which I do not tolerate. The sense of commitment. Teamwork within the couple (partner, friend, lover) Trust and confidentiality. Common goals and projects. Forgiveness within couple relationships (What acts are forgiven, and are forgotten, and what acts are forgiven but we do not tolerate)

Step 8: Stable relationships with my finances

Poverty is much more than not having enough money. Poverty has many emotional costs. Learning to "love yourself more" also means keeping your financial priorities up to date.

Presented by Dr. Naylu Martinez

Step 9: Approval

It's up to you, no one else, to say how beautiful your hair is, how pretty and well cared for you look, your groomed hands, your makeup, in short, it's up to you to recognize who you are. We will help you achieve it.

Presented by Mentes Saludables and
French Tulip

What will we gain in this Workshop?

From the hand of the team of professionals from Mentes Saludables, in a special moment, since it is the first time that the group of international professionals will be together, you will receive cognitive behavioral training designed to be delivered in a month, we will give it to you in an pleasant afternoon because it is important to learn to "Amarte Más" (Love yourself more)

It is a workshop for you to discover, develop, enhance and apply your best skills in a strategic, intentional, practical and comprehensive way. You will see results in the short, medium and long term in your personal, family and business relationship. See you on January 28, don't miss it!


You can enjoy the "Amarte Más" event in the following ways:
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