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The following information is the intellectual property of Gautier & Associates LLC. Amarte Más is a concept developed by Dr. Naylu Martinez and her services provided through the Mentes Saludables portal. It is developed and managed by Gautier & Associates LLC. We thank you in advance for your interest in listening to this sponsorship proposal and we hope that it will be the beginning of a prosperous and lasting working alliance. 

Important data about the event

  • Date of the event. Saturday January 28, 2023

  • Place. Activity room of Ana G. Méndez University System in Orlando Fl

  • Audience of 60 face-to-face box offices and from 100 to 500 box offices for the live broadcast by ZOOM

  • Hours from 2pm to 8pm

  • Formal presentation of the complete group of therapists and health professionals of Mentes Saludables

In a few words, Amarte Más is a workshop dedicated to providing recommendations, teachings, strategies and techniques using the cognitive behavioral therapy method, seeking a healthy mental state. Mental health has become a conscious necessity during these times since the pandemic and the number of cases of people suffering from mental health problems is alarming.


The workshop is accompanied by a great afternoon with good music, a good atmosphere, dinner, a workshop where attendees will build their own floral decorations and a meeting between people that will foster a positive attitude, encouraging them to move forward and overcome problems that they do not
They let you prosper.

Currently, we have the support and sponsorship of the Ana G. Méndez University System of Orlando, Florida. We are very grateful that we are considered "pioneers in clinical social work in tele-health services with remote professionals globally."


It is an honor to receive these words and it confirms the fruits of our hard work since the inauguration of the Mentes Saludables system 2 years ago.

  • Since its launch, Mentes Saludables has had more than 20,500 visits.

  • Services have been provided to more than 600 people.

  • The “Amarte Más” event is in its fourth edition.

  • Service has been provided in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Spain, London, and South America.

  • We have professionals in Puerto Rico, Florida, Hawaii, Spain, Mexico and Chile

Images of Amarte Más del 2021 held at Hacienda Campo Rico in Carolina Puerto Rico.

In order to achieve this event, we are requesting the following sponsorship to cover the majority of the cost of development. The following numbers are an approximate of what is needed.

  • Catering: For 80 guests at approximately $45 to $50 per head. (Price that includes crockery, utensils, glasses, main entrance, 1 glass of wine and waiters). Cost from $3,600.00 USD to $4K USD

  • Cameraman: $1,000.00 USD for 10 hours of work.

  • Accommodation: For the Mentes Saludables crew. $2,000.00 USD

  • Transportation: Van with a capacity of 15 people. Approximately $3,500.00 USD

  • Social media marketing campaign. (Facebook, Instagram, Google, You Tube) Presented in Puerto Rico and Florida. $1,000.00 USD ($500 per month).

Benefits of participating as a sponsor in this event.


Mentes Saludables has been introduced as a refreshing concept, made for the current need and with a solid group, ready to provide services in the field of mental health. One aspect to which the event gives emphasis is financial protection or stability as an important part of the emotional improvement of the person.

Each client of Mentes Saludables is offered a complementary consult with the purpose of presenting a complete idea of what is the financial state that needs to be reached individually to contribute to said emotional improvement. This increases the chances of closing when working with a client who is already placing their trust and budget in the services received from Mentes Saludables.

There will be a presentation of a complete protection portfolio (life insurance, disability, health [Obama Care] cancer plus hospitalization). Likewise, this opens the doors to the clients of Mentes Saludables plus the institutions with which we work, as an example, The Ana G. Méndez University System Metro Campus of Orlando Fl, where we can get an opportunity to offer benefits for the labor community of the campus.

This is a basic summary of the sponsorships needed for the "Amarte Más" event, which serves as a formal and large-scale presentation of Mentes Saludable's services. Any questions, feel free to contact this server. Thank you very much for reading my proposal.


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