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Josselyn Torres Social Worker

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My name is Josselyn Torres Rivera and I live in the town of Petate, Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico. Currently, he has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, a master's degree in Autism and another in Educational Administration, and I have two certifications, one in Psychological First Aid and the other in Autism for Social Workers. I have experience in the Department of the Family, Department of Public Housing, Head Start, supervision, and my greatest experience is in Autism, since I live it every day with one of my daughters. I am mother and wife. In my free time I love spending time with my family, going to the beach and I love traveling and seeing new places.

I am a faithful believer in the inclusion and individuality of each human being. I believe in the development of capacities individually and collectively. My greatest satisfaction is to make human beings understand what Autism Spectrum Disorder is. Each individual with ASD is a person with an unbreakable capacity, it is only necessary to develop it to achieve better functioning at the individual and family level. I am sure that my studies and my experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder will be of great help to individuals and families with ASD.

I can provide service in the following areas:
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