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Special attention to immigrants


Through a personalized, individual service and respecting the autonomy of the participant / patient, an online session is held under the Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic, or Brief Psychodynamic Modality, which allows the migrant to vent, clarify thoughts of anguish and/or anxiety , also carrying out a work plan where their physical and social needs are met


As a physician, psychotherapist, and clinical social worker, I have developed a sensitivity and empathy for all people who, like me, have a history of migration. Some of us left the country, looking for better job opportunities than we had in our country of origin, others have had to emigrate forcibly for reasons of persecution, death threats, tragedies, among others, and even if they move to another country, the memory continues intact by reliving stressful events that cause anguish and anxiety. So in this psychotherapeutic care of approximately 6 to 10 sessions, not only is a report generated, but we make sure that you gain skills to continue facing your new reality.

Special attention to immigrants is provided by:
Dr. Naylu Martinez MD, MSW located in Puerto Rico
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