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Ximena Oropeza


I am Ximena Oropeza, a humanistic psychologist with an emphasis on evaluation and psychotherapy. Proudly Mexican and Sinaloan, graduated from the Nexum University of Mexico. I declare myself a fan of sunsets, deep talks, coffee, delicious food, listening to  podcasts and also of music. I love giving great value to “the little things in life”   and enjoying every moment that life gives us.


I practice individual psychotherapy focused on youth and adults. Each patient has their own life story; therefore, each psychotherapy process is unique and unrepeatable. I am interested in creating a safe and comfortable space for my patients. I emphasize on achieving  a meeting where there is freedom, avoiding judgments, labels and hierarchies. Psychotherapy is the right place to get to know yourself better. Where you can deepen and reflect on your internal affairs. It is the space where you will have the opportunity to pay more attention to your way of being, acting, feeling, living and interacting.

The services I offer are the following:
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Online video conference
Ximena Oropeza Psicóloga
Ximena Oropeza Psicóloga
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