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Dr. Marialejandra Mabulli Hernandez

Health & Nutrition Coach MD, Pn1

I was born in the city of Caracas, capital of a small and beautiful country with a woman's name, "Venezuela" in a family where matriarchy dominated for several generations for different reasons, but which resulted in a lineage of warrior women, self-sufficient and courageous. However, my father was the love of my life, like every girl, from whom I separated through a divorce and then tragically lost during my adolescence, which made me overcome the loss of the image that I idealized and additionally his physical loss, but That's how I learned forgiveness and tolerance.

I graduated as a Medical Surgeon at the age of 23. At that time I thought that time passed very quickly, that there would be much to learn and a lifetime would not be enough to discover so many mysteries that the universe entails and that even medical studies left me with more questions than concrete and challenging answers to logic. understanding capacity of only the limited scientific paradigm. That curiosity or passion for knowledge has led me to study different human sciences. Anyway, I can tell you that since I can remember I have been studying or reading something: 1 master's degree, 5 diplomas, 3 certifications, I don't know how many courses, self-taught in others, and the truth is, I discovered that I enjoy it. I love to travel, share and discover cultural diversity. 

But I am also a human being who, just like you, has had experiences of joy, laughter, trips of colors and falls, of losses, farewells and pain that have led me to travel along the path that has not happened to us by chance. led to meet us today. With Masters of Life of which my mother was my Super Master, who died fighting breast cancer when I was 23 years old, but who for more than 15 years had shown me the path of quantum energy, mathematics ( She was an electrical engineer, mentioning telecommunications) who also knew about imagery, meditation, shamanic medicine, practices that Dr. Solomon began to put into practice at that time in his initial studies in the United States on psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) programs.

With her I learned the compassion that doctors should have for patients and families; With her I learned that we are all human and equal. But also that we are all different because we think, feel and perceive differently. Since then, I fell in love with the knowledge of the human, the divine, science and health and that is how this accumulation of experiences, of experiences integrated into knowledge generate this philosophy of Well-Being Awareness that I put at your disposal and May you also be able to achieve the health changes that are convenient and necessary in your life. 

I can help you in the following ways:
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