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Therapists & Specialists.

We are proud to introduce you to the Mentes Saludables group of therapists and specialists. We are a group of professionals, Latino, Hispanic, innovative, committed to your physical and emotional health. Our professionals are located in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chille, Florida, Texas, and soon Spain, we are a growing team, ready to offer you the treatment that you have sought so much.  

We guarantee that here you will get a space so that you can vent, and get the tools and skills to face your fears, monsters of the past, abandonments, challenges, poorly made decisions and any event that has had an impact on your life. that does not allow you to continue. Here we will help you solve and overcome those obstacles. Separate your consultation with the professional in your region.  

Take your time and review the profiles of our group of therapists and specialists. We are sure that you will get what you need with one of them. Whether it is your online or face-to-face consultation (with some of them) you will take the first step towards achieving a healthy mind. 

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