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Dr. Kelly Garcia Berrueta

Daughter, sister, aunt, friend and later University professional.

Adult cardiologist with sub-specialty in cardiac arrhythmias.


Venezuelan based in the south of South America (Chile) for 5 years, Doctor by profession and Cardiologist by vocation, lover of arrhythmias, good books and some bad ones too (inclusive above all); cinófila (when she went to the movies), dazzled by art, cultures and the history of humanity. The oldest daughter of two sisters, aunt of 2 wonderful nephews and godmother of all the children of those who love me.

Since I have common sense I wanted to be a cardiologist;  I have always been avid reader and fan of knowledge. I confess myself a defender of science, an admirer of physics and a woman above all a believer and of Faith. In the same way I am convinced  that knowledge and titles (which are part of learning) make sense and they are worth more when you use them to serve, give back and help.

We are not isolated beings but we are part of a whole; that is why HEALTH is defined as physical,   mental and social Well-being (mind-body and environment); so in my 15 years of medical career  I have been adding to scientific knowledge, the integration  of communication "how to get health beyond a medical prescription"; , providing medical recommendations hand in hand with messages that maintain a healthy mind (psychoneuroimmunology) thoughts that raise our endocrine substances of emotion and positive energy (known as endorphins, oxytocin) and reduce those that generate stress such as cortisol; promoting prevention as the main entity to be healthy; practice sports or just move and balance food based on the premise that the key is moderation and not restriction.

We all need everyone,  and to be part of this type of organization that adds to a positive change in society; from my medical participation it is to see one of my dreams come true of generating  changes and leaving traces that add up.

The service I offer is the following:




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Dr. Kelly Garcia Cardióloga
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