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Forensic Expertise


Investigation of the transfer of minors by the court. Community resources available to families are investigated. Expert testimony is provided. We prepare an expert report based on the court's requests. Social expertise is the detailed study of labor, socioeconomic, family, social characteristics, etc. of the subject and its environment. For which the expert applies her knowledge in all these areas, facing a legal proceeding.

To carry out the report, the expert carries out an exhaustive social investigation of each one of the members in relation to the individual and her environment, to obtain objective and precise information, through an in-depth investigation of the problem. SPECIFIC SOCIAL AREAS. Given the different areas of Social Expertise (Health, community social services, education and training, justice, housing, labor area measurement), to carry out expert work in the field, it is necessary to have specific training. Which allows us to know how to address the issue in depth.


The Social Expert Report is based on existing civil and criminal procedures, these expert reports can address the following areas:

Divorces or separations (parental authority, custody and/or transfer.

  • Guardianship of minors

  • Adoption

  • Disability

Forensic Expertise is provided by
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Ana Valeria Capeles MSW, LICSW located in Puerto Rico
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