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Author: Jeannette Meléndez. Master's student in Clinical Social Work at Ana G Méndez University, Tampa FL.

Possibly at some point, you have heard the term self-love. Now, do we know what it is and how should I work on it? In the following writing, we will be explaining a little more about self-love and how I can increase it and have a healthy balance.

Self-love is that relationship that we manage to have with ourselves, it is knowing how to know yourself, respect yourself and understand that you have unmatched value. Self-love does not mean that we are perfect, but that we learn to recognize those things that affect us or hurt us and be able to work to improve those areas that have generated so much pain in your development. Self love is being able to put yourself first and do those things that make you feel good, that make you feel accomplished or accomplished.

When you have self-esteem, you enjoy your days, you enjoy those little things that make you happy, you have self-esteem and above all, you are not afraid to say or express what you feel with others.

There are several reasons why self-love is often lacking. The most common may be the following:

• Insecurity in couple relationships.

• Problems when meeting new people.

• Fear of big changes, be it economically or in the environment.

How can I increase my self love?

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not an act of magic, learning to love and value yourself is a process that deserves dedication and care. You must learn to discover which things are the ones that make you motivated and which are the ones that just make you angry. Seek to transform all those insecurities you have into goals. Try to change the way you think about your insecurities, a little positivity never hurts. It is time for you to think about yourself and not about how others see you or what they want for you. Constantly reflect on everything you have achieved and all those good things that have happened to you, even if you see that they are small. Create a routine in which you allow yourself to have short-term and long-term goals. Seek to make time for yourself by attending workshops which allow you to get to know yourself more and value yourself more. Last but not least, seek to surround yourself with people who love you, being surrounded by people who value you will help you increase your self-esteem. Remember; you are important and worth a lot.


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