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The door swings both ways...

In recent months, the world media exposure has made visible a sad reality, and it is not that there is only #machistaviolence, or that women are the #perfectvictims, but unfortunately, there is a frank deterioration of values, principles, respect, young people and adults without #self-love, forgetting that it is not about a specific gender; On the contrary, the public and social health problem is the marked trend of #Intrafamily Violence.

In the recent delivery of Oscars millions we witnessed the embarrassing scene of 2 very famous gentlemen (one using comedy to make fun of a lady's alopecia, and the other throwing away years of civilization, moving to respond to slaps with physical aggression However, the saddest part of the whole scene was observing days later a wife who did not show empathy for the emotional crisis that said husband presented. #psychological abuse We have also carefully observed the media trial on social networks, recently where it has been aired evidence of defamation, emotional and physical abuse, and manipulation on the part of the actress. And it seems that this case falls like a glove, before so many people who always ask me but: "Dr. in cases of domestic violence, always attacks or exposes the man as an aggressor" and women????

Well, I could tell you today that we are living through difficult times, to analyze where the loss of values, principles, and even #self-love prevail over respect, empathy, kindness, and even learning to "retire on time". We are not used to gray tones, and there are no absolute truths either, I could tell you that yes, we have also observed in therapy, ladies who are aggressors, who have carried out in many cases defamation, emotional manipulation and abuse, not always the man is the aggressor, and women are not always the victims. Not everyone has a #mentalhealth diagnosis, they just show these personality traits.

However, this blog is worth reflecting on, let's ask ourselves the following questions: How do I define #self-love? How far am I able to allow, in a relationship? Why not better retire on time? This and many more questions are answered in individual, couples or family therapy.

Let us always remember that the door goes both ways

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