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Couples Therapy



In couples therapy they will learn to communicate and establish effective communication bonds as a couple. They will learn to reestablish communication, put an end to an escalation of aggression, identify toxic behaviors and how to avoid them. How to shield the marriage and strengthen the union.


  • The art of falling in love again.

  • The art of solving problems.

  • Strategies for conjugal harmony.

  • How to rediscover intimacy with your partner.

  • How to save a marriage in crisis.




According to data from a survey carried out by a famous American newspaper, Detroit is the city that registers the most divorces with a rate of 45%, that is, of every 100 couples that marry, almost half separate. The automobile city is followed by Atlanta, where there is 33.66% of divorces and, in third place, Miami. Curiously, in Los Angeles and New York couples separate less. Globally, according to Business Insider, the highest divorce rates are in European countries: Spain (61%), Portugal (68%), the Czech Republic (66%) and Hungary (67%). But Belgium takes the cake with a rate of (70%).


As for Latin America, the country with the fewest divorces (in the world) is Chile (3%), while in Ecuador the percentage of divorces reaches (20%), in Guatemala (5%), and in Mexico (15%). %), Panama (27%), Brazil (21%) and, in Venezuela (27%)




The new technologies have allowed new ways of offering psychological therapy, and it is no longer necessary to go to a psychology clinic to attend therapeutic sessions with the couple, since it is possible to receive psychological assistance from the computer, the tablet and even the smartphone. Online therapy is becoming increasingly popular and research supports its effectiveness. As we explained in our article "The ten benefits of the online psychologist" the advantages of psychotherapy are:


  • Access from anywhere: Online couples or family therapy can be done from anywhere in the world. It is possible to go to it without having to travel and despite having mobility and transportation difficulties.

  • Convenience: This form of psychological therapy offers a more flexible schedule, so the patient can adjust the sessions to their schedule and their rhythm of life.

  • Convenience: Couples can connect with the psychologist online from their own environment (for example, their home), where they will feel comfortable and safe.

  • Trust: Comfort favors trust and a good therapeutic alliance that has an impact on the well-being of the couple in the same way that occurs in presence therapy.

  • Different forms of communication: Online therapy allows you to talk with the psychologist in the way that best suits her needs. (Videoconference or chat)

  • Writing as a therapeutic tool: Writing about the thoughts one has and emotions one feels is a very effective therapeutic tool that can be used in online therapy.

  • Intimacy: Trust and comfort allow couples to feel more relaxed and communicate more openly when it comes to disclosing personal information.

Couples Therapy are provided by:
Dr. Naylu Martinez MD, MSW located in Puerto Rico
Naylu (3).png
Dr. Celia Rivera Psicóloga & Trabajadora Social Clínica Localizada en Orlando Florida.
Ana Valeria Capeles.png
Ana Valeria Capeles MSW, LICSW Localizada en Puerto Rico
Alberto Cartier.png
Alberto Cartier BBA Coach Mentor Autor Poliglota Localizado en España

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